Mixed Media by Bridget aka Bridget Early, Milliner

Hat Business category: Independent Hatmaker with 1-3 employees
Typical order size: 1-5 hats.
Headquartered in BellefontaineOHUnited States

I am an independent hat maker from Ohio. I love vintage style hats, and free form hats-- particularly those that are very wearable. I hand block my hats on vintage and antique hat blocks and use a variety of both traditional and unique embelishments. You will find everything from Fedoras to cloches to brimless hats to straws and everything in between. All flat pattern hats are made from my original design patterns. Every hat I make is one-of-kind--even those that look very similar. I get bored making the same hat and feel every one should have their own hat and every hat should have its own personality.


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