Hat Business category: Independent Hatmaker with 1-3 employees
Typical order size: 5-40 hats.
Headquartered in Beerwah QueenslandAustralia

HatAcademy.com is a place for Milliners to connect and share hat creations, ideas, fashion news plus develop skills through hat making classes online. I made my first hat in 1964 during my training as a Home Economics teacher. We were trained to teach Millinery as everyone wore hats in that era. I commenced teaching Millinery in Adult Education & later TAFE Colleges in Queensland,Australia. I currently teach Millinery as a Heritage trade with Qld Museum and University of Sthn Qld. i am still making bespoke hats for selected stores using traditional blocking techniques but keeping up to current fashion trends with Headpieces, Hatinators as well as elegant Hats under the "Hatrageous Headwear" label. As I look towards retirement I want to share my trade secrets through online classes, to create the next generation of Milliners.


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