Deborah Walton

Deborah Walton

Hat Business category: Independent Hatmaker with 1-3 employees
Typical order size: 1-5 hats.
Headquartered in KnottingleyUnited Kingdom

Business Description
Deborah Walton is a new milliner and hatmaker. Trained at Leeds College of Art, she designs and makes modern headwear for men and women. Her style could easily be described as 'eclectic'. Although her work tends towards restrained simplicity, or pared back elegance, she can also pull out all the stops and go completely over the top (or anything in between). Most pieces are entirely hand made in her workroom in Yorkshire, England (few go anywhere near a sewing machine, and none are factory produced.) Prices for pieces vary, depending on the materials used, and the complexity of the design, but start at around £100 - £150 for a simple headpiece, and £200 - £250 for a simple hat, going up as the design gets harder to make! She also makes historical / theatrical head gear from any period of history, for men and women, having spent a number of years as a historical costumer, working for organisations such as English Heritage, the National Army Museum, the National Trust and the Royal Armouries (her work used at sites such as The Tower of London, Eltham Palace, and on prime time TV (Primeval)).


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