Twinstone Hats

Twinstone Hats

Hat Business category: Hat Manufacturer or Brand with 4 or more empoyees
Typical order size: 40-120 hats.
Headquartered in ParamountCAUnited States

Business Description
We are a full scale factory with daily hat production located in California. The company caters all sources of hats. Fur felts, wool hats, straw hats, palm leaf hats, panama hats, are among the most popular hats we produce. We cater all industries for hat services and production, but our expertise is on western hats. We have produced hats for many singers, actors, producers, special events, and promotions. However, western hats are not our only options we can make fashion hats, dress hats, and much more. Currently Twinstone is an international brand sold in U.S.A., Mexico, Australia, Japan, France, and other countries over the world. Twinstone is a hat made for people who want to have the security that their hat was made with the best materials available and by expert hat artisans with years of experience. Delivering the ultimate hat experience. If you have any specific questions about our hats and/or if you are looking to become a retailer/distribuitor for our hats let us know and we will gladly call you or send you more information. Or if you simply want to buy one hat or a few hats for your personal use we can also direct you to one official retailer close to you or an online store option. Twinstone welcomes you to our hat experience, where imagination is the only limit on making the ultimate hat! Frank Q. Twinstone Team


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